Seattle Canning Co.


It is with great pride, honor, and gratitude thaT WE are currently partnering with these amazing cultural landmarks. find OUR Spicy Eggplant kasundi, Uncle Winston's Tomato Relish, Pacific Coast Cranberry Chutney, and Vashon Island Pickles at one of these exclusive retailers.



1435 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98101

Pike Place Market is host to some of the most iconic experiences to be had in the Emerald City. DeLaurenti Speciality Food & Wines is more than a place; it is an iconic Seattle experiences not to be poo-pooed. Inside tyou will be engulfed by a bounteous array of international and local products and curiosities all packaged to charm and amaze.

Share your enthusiasm and unique finds with your fellow visitors as you squeeze through the aisles. It's usually tight so smile, enjoy, and remember this is an opportunity to explore and discover. Be sure to grab something on your way out as a memento of your day at one of the world's most iconic markets inside a market. Life is an experience. It's time to live it up.



1417 NW 70th St, Seattle, WA 98117

Founded by Brandi Henderson in 2011, The Pantry is…well in their words is “A place to cook. And eat. And learn.” If you haven’t been to The Pantry, please check out their calendar of cooking classes and dinners and sign up today. If you need a little more prodding, check out this YELP REVIEW for encouragement.

It is truly hard to resist a place that is willing to do (their words again) “basically anything we can think of to get their neighbors around the table, breaking bread and building community.” Good people. Good food. Good times. What more is there? Pass the butter please.


The Country Store & Farm

20211 Vashon HWY SW, Vashon, WA 98070

We call Vashon Island home, and it is with great pride that we consider the Country Store & Farm an exclusive Vashon retailer of Seattle Canning Co. With over 50 years of island history and community involvement, The Country Store & Farm is just a stone's throw out of town.  Visit during blueberry season and enjoy one of the Puget Sounds only remaining u-pick patches. Word has it that the strawberry fields are maturing and may be open to the public next season as well. It's true; Strawberry fields are forever.